Wednesday, 7 September 2016 - 0.99-0.4.0 Released

Hey everyone,

I've just launched the new framework version of Here are lists of new features as well as things to come:

New Features
  • Two themes: Light and Dark (default)
  • Everything in one single page - No need to jump between different URLs
  • All JS in one single file
  • Complete UI redesign
  • Keyboard shortcuts (found in the "Settings" bar)
  • CSS overlays instead of new "popped" tabs for top bar links
  • Minor fixes such as ICMP working  for "fw monitor"
  • A "highlight" button which will highlight the command so you can copy it right away
Things to Come
  • Finishing the ASA capture options - There are quite a lot of them
  • Modifying the "highlight" button to instead be an automatic "copy to copy buffer" button while still maintaining the "highlight" option for older browsers
  • Stylizing more of the HTML objects with CSS to match themes instead of just being browser defaults
  • Improving filter checking to avoid errors and bad PCap syntaxes
  • Adding a "snoop" (Solaris) section... Maybe?
I'm always looking for feedback so feel free to contact me either @Grave_Rose on Twitter or at tcpdump101 [at] gmail -dot- com

Happy Packet Hunting!


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