Monday, 20 June 2016 - Version 0.4.0 Launched - Version 0.4.0

New Features:
  • Added (basic) ASA PCap functionality.
  • Currently just does source/dest and sport/dport matching.

ASA Specific

  • Finish the ASA PCap functionality including:
    • asa_dataplane
    • asp-drop
    • ethernet-type
    • lacp
    • tls-proxy
    • webvpn
  • Not going to add IKE or ISAKMP since these can be generated in the regular PCap filters.
  • Going to add the ability to capture based on ACL.
  • Would like to collapse the code into a single page and use CSS for "layers" of the different PCap types. That's going to take a long time though.

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