Tuesday, 20 September 2016

tcpdump101.com - 0.99-0.5.0 Released

New Features for http://tcpdump101.com

  • Changed a lot of the sliders to radio buttons which now display the options and full information at a quick glance instead of having to figure out what slider options do.
  • Modified the "Highlight" button to a "Copy" button. This will either copy the full command into your copy buffer (if your browser supports it) or it will just highlight the command for you to copy manually with ^C. Either way, a message will notify you whether or not the copy was successful.
  • Changed where the help icon (?) was on the Filter Options - Before it was at the title which, due to the CSS, caused the icon to move when hovered over. I moved it to the first filter option area instead.
As usual, feedback is welcomed. Reach out to me on Twitter @Grave_Rose or e-mail me directly at: tcpdump101 [at] gmail -dot- com

Happy Packet Hunting!


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